December 11

I thought that I would do a little throwback of the last 10 days and what´s been made. Christmas is just around the corner and it is now we start preparing more and more food. Here is what´s I´ve done so far.

December 1 – The countdown started.

December 2 – The cooking has begun. Here is how Wort bread is made.

December 3– First advent and making mulled wine.

December 4 – Swedish Christmas music. What do we listen to?

December 5 – Rice pudding or Ris á la Malta.

December 6 – How to make your own pickled herring.

December 7 – Santa Claus!

December 8 – Are you a mustard fan? Make your own!

December 9 – Swedish Christmas candy, “Ice chocolate”.

December 10 – Second advent and appel cider in the slowcooker.

More food will be made this week. A popular potato casserole will be made, gingerbread dough / dough to make gingersnaps and pork in apple cider  is few dishes. See you then!

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