Who is “Cooking with Malin”?

Well, my name is Malin and I am living in a town just outside Stockholm, Sweden. My interest for cooking started when I was in my early 20´s and I started a cooking blog to share my interest of food and the cooking process but about 5 years ago I was diagnosed with something called Rosacea and the main trigger for my flare-ups is food and that caused a very big problem for me and my interest for food quickly disappeared because of the pain it caused me. It took me many years to figure out what I can and can not eat and when I finally got some control back my interest for food also came back again.

Other then food one of my biggest joy in life is traveling and experience the culture in different countries around the world and one of the first thing I do when visiting a new country is locating a supermarket/grocery store to see what kind of food they have and fill my suitcase with tasty treats. My resent trip was to Hong Kong (been there 3 times now) and I absolutely love it there.

My plan for this blog and my youtube page is to try out different recepies from across the globe (and show you some from my country as well) and hopefully inspire someone else to try something new. I am absolutely not trained in the kitchen and do not pretend to be, what you see is what you get.